Evaluating and reporting on thousands of equipment finance transactions can be daunting. Traditional reporting tools can be inadequate – spreadsheets and offline reporting provide little confidence that the data is accurate and up-to-date.

SuperTRUMP Portfolio Intelligence changes all of that. It is an advanced analysis and pricing tool that is specifically tailored to the equipment finance industry. 

Portfolio analysis
Equipment finance companies have unique needs for portfolio analysis:

  • Accounting classification – are transactions classified as operating, capital, direct finance or leveraged leases, or simple loans?
  • Tax classification – are the transactions tax affected? How is the tax deferral benefit measured?
  • Residuals – do the transactions include residuals? Evaluating the portfolio means dealing with often changing residual estimates.

How it works
The solution gives you an easy way to visualize profitability, and accounting and economic yields, all while taking taxes into consideration.

You can analyze data in a variety of ways – by business unit, financial product, transaction type, asset type, sales rep., region, and more. Data is easily imported from online and offline tools, including Excel and internal accounting systems.

Powerful analytics and pricing calculations show in industry standard reports works quickly even with thousands of transactions.

Specialized analysis features

  • Nested groups – full analysis and ‘what-if’ capabilities when you create transactions, groups of transactions, portfolios of groups, and portfolios of portfolios.
  • Forecasting – a comprehensive forecast with projected cash flows combined with existing cash flow runoff.
  • Purchase/sale pricing – grab thousands of transactions and price them for purchase/sale as of a selected date.