Maintaining your after-tax pricing model is complex, managing thousands of spreadsheet cells is prone to error, and keeping your model up-to-date with the latest tax and accounting regulations is stressful.

To drive real results, you need a proven solution that is accurate and easy to maintain. With more than 20 features to address tax regulations and accounting rules, SuperTRUMP lets you confidently perform complex economic analysis, incorporate proprietary mathematical algorithms, including linear optimizations, and model fractional syndications for your equipment leases and loans.

Heighten your accuracy
Traditional pricing tools such as legacy software, Excel, and calculators often result in errors from an inadvertent and undetectable changes to a cell formula, from transferring output manually into another software application and from using non-standard reports. SuperTRUMP is software - its formulas reside in the code and are protected from change. It integrates into your other software programs eliminating manual data entry. And it offers standardized reports that lets you see what’s working, what’s not, and what needs to change. Using SuperTRUMP’s templates ensures consistent pricing across your entire organization. With SuperTRUMP everyone uses a proven calculation engine to accurately price deals -- whether they’re at their desk or in front of a customer.

Provide flexibility to customers
Each of your customers have unique business requirements. Offering pricing that is flexible allows you to meet these needs and improve customer satisfaction. SuperTRUMP lets you structure your pricing quotes with maximum flexibility while ensuring that each deal is as profitable as possible. From simple single-investor pay transactions to complex leveraged leases, multi-asset transactions, staggered deliveries, optimized debt structures, and syndicated loans, SuperTRUMP provides the flexibility your customer demands.

Speed up your pricing
In a competitive market, now is better than later and lenders that quickly and accurately deliver quotes win more deals. SuperTRUMP lets your team price from wherever they are for faster, more effective service. Most SuperTRUMP quotes are delivered within one minute. With SuperTRUMP Web, Desktop, and Salesforce, a sales representative can price a deal on a mobile device while someone else works on the same deal at their desk.

Make smarter decisions
SuperTRUMP yield calculations include all standard yields – IRR, return on equity, return on assets, after-tax yields, and spreads over a variety of indices – plus highly sophisticated and custom yields, such as risk-adjusted return on capital controlled by complex lookups and rules.

Easily report your deals
SuperTRUMP offers more than 500 out-of-the-box reports and experts at Ivory Consulting can help you create customized reports to match the way you do business. Unlike spreadsheets and internally-developed systems, SuperTRUMP reports prove out all calculations for every deal. Our reporting tool gives you central control of accounting entries, stipulated loss values, and termination values, among others.

Customize your SuperTRUMP solution
Ivory Consulting experts can customize your SuperTRUMP software to incorporate your calculations and yields, migrate data from Excel spreadsheets, and integrate SuperTRUMP into your global software systems for ease of use.