For Like-Kind Exchange (LKE) programs, SuperTRUMP considers multiple factors to keep the program in compliance with IRS regulations. SuperTRUMP's LKE features let you model and evaluate each transaction to determine its applicability to an LKE program.

Using SuperTRUMP's LKE features, you'll be able to accommodate more of your customer's needs as well as expand your business by providing LKE transactions. 

LKE benefit calculations
Calculate the Like-Kind Exchange benefit for an existing asset and price it into your new transaction. Use the LKE benefit to lower your customers payment while earning the required return, or share/keep the benefit to enhance your yield. All options are measureable in SuperTRUMP.

Accurate IRS calculations
SuperTRUMP calculates the "step-in-the-shoes" LKE benefit, the most widely recognized approach in the industry. The calculation quantifies the tax benefit based on one or more maturing assets for the LKE program, such as:

  • Sales proceeds from each maturing asset(s)
  • Original equipment cost of each maturing assets(s)
  • Former depreciation inputs for each of the maturing assets(s)