Many sales teams rely on spreadsheet--based rate cards to access financing rates and options. These offline worksheets require intensive management and dedicated staffing, and are prone to error and time-consuming periodic updates.

To service various industries and customer needs, such as agricultural, IT, and medical equipment, multiple rate cards are required. SuperTRUMP automates the rate card process so that when rates change, all of these rate cards are updated automatically.

Reduce cumberson processing
SuperTRUMP automated rate cards save time and reduce manual entry errors by connecting to your other software applications.  In addition, with SuperTRUMP you can offer both rate card pricing and structured pricing all in one application.

Rate card data from your file system is organized into segments and programs. Segments are layers that divide rate cards into logical groups, such as transportation, medical, and construction. Each program is contained in a SuperTRUMP-connected Excel-based workbook. Using Input and Output worksheets, SuperTRUMP reads the rate card scenarios from the Input worksheet, calculates each scenario, and writes the results to the Output worksheet. At the end of the process, all Output worksheets are updated with the new rate card data.

Simpler, accurate rate cards
Updating rate card variables in SuperTRUMP is quick and easy. Lenders update values in one place and with one click, data is automatically updated across any number of rate cards. Changes that used to take days now take just minutes.

Using SuperTRUMP rate cards, sales representatives can account for multiple loan variables and confidently determine a customer’s cost of funds with complete accuracy.