With more frequent purchases of solar and wind equipment as you take advantage of government policies and incentives, you can rely on SuperTRUMP to provide renewable energy modeling using IRS guidelines.

Using SuperTRUMP's renewable energy modeling and pricing features you can accommodate more of your customer's needs and expand your business by accessing new financing markets.

Complex calculations made simpler
SuperTRUMP functionality includes renewable energy regulations which are up-to-date so you can accurately price solar and wind deals. The solution takes into account a number of factors such as fluctuating levels of energy consumption used to forecast energy production and the resulting cash flows. 

Section 467 loan structuring calculations
SuperTRUMP includes IRS regulations for Section 467 loan structuring and prepaid or deferred revenue. These complex calculations provide greater transparency and simplified tax reporting while maximizing tax benefits. 

Renewable energy inputs
The solution takes into consideration:

  • Power purchase income
  • Local production credits
  • Revenue incentives
  • Investment tax credit (ITC)
  • ITC recapture calculations in the event of early termination
  • Bonus depreciation
  • Maintenance and insurance expenses
  • Leverage
  • Fees, costs, and rents optimized to create specific yields

Modeling methodologies
Several methodologies are available in the solution:

  • “Sunlight curve” modeling - input the expected system output by month to drive power purchase income and production credits.
  • Partnership modeling - allocate ownership, including cash and tax effects to multiple partners.
  • “Flip point” modeling - specify conditions which, when met, trigger a change in a partnership structure.