You measure risk in a way that makes sense to you.  With risk based pricing, your best practices are unique to you.  SuperTRUMP is the answer -- making it easy to create your own risk based pricing methodologies.

SuperTRUMP provides the flexibility to create any methodology. Based on your risk parameters, SuperTRUMP creates collateral curves and loss given default values which are then folded into the yield calculations as risk premium loads.

Identify best practices
With more than a decade of experience in building risk-based pricing models, Ivory Consulting's experts are in a unique position to help you develop best practices for the way you do business. Our experienced pricing consultants work closely with you to implement risk-based pricing practices that combine industry standards with the unique risk factors in your portfolio and in your business. 

Customize your approach
Whether you require a return on equity type yield with credit-score based loads or a leading edge return on risk-adjusted capital with automated risk and capital-allocation lookups, Ivory Consulting's experts can help you set up a sustainable and profitable approach to risk-based pricing.