Maintaining your IT infrastructure becomes complicated when solutions don’t interoperate, and your efficiency is low when your time is spent duplicating working inside of multiple solutions.

SuperTRUMP lets you integrate pricing with your originations’ CRM, ERP, and other business systems. Speed of processing, consistency across your organization, convenient IT management, and a single source of data are all possible with SuperTRUMP integrated into other software applications.

Salesforce integration
As a central location for customer information, Salesforce allows companies to streamline customer communications and management. By integrating SuperTRUMP pricing with Salesforce, you can reference customer data as you quote and close deals, and maintain pricing information for easy access by your entire team.

When pricing in Salesforce, there is a high level of accuracy because manual calculations, re-keying of data, and work within auxiliary systems are eliminated. With a centralized calculation engine you can trust that pricing data is accurate and up-to-date. Salesforce integration gives all employees consistent access to pricing data for quick and accurate answers.

SuperTRUMP integrates with Conga Composer in Salesforce and is able to integrate with similar applications. With Conga Composer you can generate quote documents, reports, and presentations.

Oracle Lease & Finance Management (OLFM) integration
For over a decade, Ivory Consulting and Oracle have been working together to provide seamless integration and support between SuperTRUMP and OLFM.

SuperTRUMP OLFM Server powers your Oracle Lease & Finance Management solution by providing accounting for complex transactions, including: variable rates, rebooking and residual accretion accounting.

Integration with leading equipment finance software applications
SuperTRUMP is integrated with many enterprise software systems to provide modeling and pricing in your existing IT infrastructure, and can be easily integrated with others.