SuperTRUMP solutions provide more than 20 features to address accounting rules and tax regulations for equipment leases and loans. You'll get complex economic analysis, including mathematical algorithms, linear optimizations, and fractional syndication.
Speed of processing, consistency across your organization, convenient IT management, and a single source of data are all possible with SuperTRUMP integrated into other software applications.
Managing manual rate cards can be time-consuming and error prone. SuperTRUMP automated rate cards save time and reduce manual entry errors giving you rate card pricing and structured pricing all in one application.
When risk management is important to your organization, you can better manage risk as part of your standard pricing practices. SuperTRUMP risk-based pricing gives you the tools to make smarter business decisions.
With more frequent purchases of solar and wind equipment as you take advantage of government policies and incentives, you can rely on SuperTRUMP to provide renewable energy modeling using IRS guidelines.
For Like-Kind Exchange programs, SuperTRUMP considers multiple factors to keep the program in compliance with IRS regulations.
Evaluating and reporting on thousands of equipment finance transactions can be daunting. Traditional reporting tools can be inadequate – spreadsheets and offline reporting provide little confidence that the data is accurate and up-to-date. Using SuperTRUMP Portfolio Intelligence changes all of that by providing a software tool that is specifically tailored to the equipment finance industry.