Win with the proven solution for modeling and pricing complex leases and loans.
The Smart Choice for Asset Managers
Asset Management Solution
An end-to-end, workflow-driven software application designed for your organization to be more effective across its entire asset management operation – valuations, early and end-of-term dispositions, asset remarketing, and portfolio reporting.
SuperTRUMP Your Way
Customization and Consulting
Access experts to customize your SuperTRUMP solution, integrate it with your other systems and develop smart pricing practices for your business.
Price in Salesforce™
SuperTRUMP for Salesforce
Eliminate manual data entry and streamline your workflow with integrated pricing of leases and loans in Salesforce.
Leading finance companies rely on Ivory Consulting to accurately model and price leases and loans.
“Ivory Consulting's comprehensive understanding of every aspect of lease modeling and pricing proved to be of significant value to us. Their broad view of the capital equipment leasing market informed insights and recommendations for alternative measures of assessing economic and financial returns. In a short period of time, they instilled an understanding of how industry-wide accepted methodologies compare to those employed by Trinity.”
Thomas Jardine, Vice President, TrinityRail Leasing & Management Services