License Activation

Please read below before submitting information.

  • Enter the name, phone number, and work email address of the person using SuperTRUMP.

  • The device is the type of computer on which you are running SuperTRUMP.

  • The serial number can be found in the SuperTRUMP License Activation window.

    To open the License Activation window in SuperTRUMP, go to the Help menu, select About SuperTRUMP, then select License Activation.

  • We will email your activation code to you.

  • After entering the Activation Code in the License Activation window, select Activate or Phone Activate.

  • If you do not have a previous license activation registered using your current email address, you may need to call to activate your license.

  • For assistance or to activate by phone, call 925-926-1100 and select 1.