Ivory Consulting Corporation Welcomes Eleven New Clients

San Francisco Bay Area-based equipment finance pricing software firm's SuperTRUMP now brings its powerful financial analytics and pricing capabilities to an additional 11 asset finance businesses

(WALNUT CREEK, CA – November 1, 2011) - Ivory Consulting Corporation, the leading asset finance pricing and analytics software firm, is pleased to announce that SuperTRUMP, its flagship lease and loan pricing software product, has been selected by 11 new asset finance businesses thus far in 2011.

“We are excited to welcome our new clients to the SuperTRUMP family of users,” said Mark Hays, Chief Executive Officer. “These new customers represent a breadth of industries, including banking, information technology, trucking, aviation and green energy. We look forward to bringing our world-class customer support and newly-revised training classes to these esteemed members of the asset finance community.”

SuperTRUMP performs pricing calculations and financial analysis for simple to highly complex leases and loans. Features include a full-range of sophisticated pre- and after-tax financial measures, such as risk adjusted return on capital, ROA, and ROE; collateral curves; prepaid/deferred structures; residual value guarantee including TRAC and split-TRAC; green energy modeling; termination and disposition modeling; syndications and fractional syndications; like-kind-exchanges; FASB and IASB classification tests; tax, accounting, and cash reporting.

SuperTRUMP is now available as an online, browser-based application on tablet devices and integrates with Salesforce.com.

For more than 28 years Ivory has pioneered the development of lease pricing and analysis software, delivering accurate results and providing exceptional customer service.