SuperTRUMP EXPRESS for Salesforce Designed for Pricing Basic Leases and Loans

Ivory Consulting Corporation Releases SuperTRUMP 11 and New Product, SuperTRUMP EXPRESS for Salesforce

(WALNUT CREEK, Calif., July 30, 2015) – Ivory Consulting Corporation, the software and consulting company that has helped define the modern equipment finance industry, today announced the release of SuperTRUMP 11.0. This release advances the breadth, flexibility and depth of the Ivory pricing solutions with a new product designed for pricing basic leases and loans quickly and intuitively, SuperTRUMP EXPRESS for Salesforce. SuperTRUMP EXPRESS for Salesforce is the first product from Ivory that is designed for the broader financial services industry.

“SuperTRUMP 11.0 represents an exciting leap forward for our company as we offer our first product designed to price basic leases and loans,” said Chris Ivory, founder of Ivory Consulting Corporation. “SuperTRUMP EXPRESS brings our 30+ years of pricing experience to every lessor and lender. The breadth of our offering just became much, much wider.”

“SuperTRUMP 11.0 also advances SuperTRUMP’s usefulness by adding Section 467 loan and asset-level termination functionality,” said Scott Thacker, CEO, Ivory Consulting. “We have also made major improvements in training and customer service access with online training options and online software license activation.”

SuperTRUMP 11.0 new features include:

  • SuperTRUMP EXPRESS for Salesforce. Ivory’s first product for use when pricing basic leases and loans using It is intuitive, quick and based on the 30+ years of expertise that created the industry’s proven solution, SuperTRUMP. Available on the Salesforce AppExchange for immediate download along with our existing product SuperTRUMP for Salesforce.
  • SuperTRUMP 11.0 Online License Activation. We now offer our customers the convenience of processing their annual license activations on our website rather than calling our office when it is open.
  • SuperTRUMP 11.0 provides our first-ever online video training program modeled after our successful classroom training course. The videos teach the basics of using SuperTRUMP and are free for our customers.
  • SuperTRUMP 11.0 now includes the ability to terminate leases at the asset level allowing individual assets to be terminated and have the related parameters and reports reflect that event. This enhancement provides our customers the flexibility to use SuperTRUMP for re-pricing of mid-lease changes as well as for the more commonly used up-front pricing.
  • SuperTRUMP 11.0 incorporates IRS Code Section 467 pertaining to the treatment of rent and interest under certain lease agreements. The “467 loan” gives lessors the ability to create a structure that will pass the uneven rent test.