Digitize Labor-Intensive Asset Management Operations


Increase Profits

Analytical tools simplify tracking organizational goals and measuring KPI's.


Reduce Expenses

Logical and intuitive workflows eliminate labor-intensive, manual activities.


Utilize Data

Visualize residual exposure and upside by segmenting your portfolio however you like.


Avoid Costly Mistakes

Ensure adherence to internal compliance and regulatory policies.

Create Residual Values

Create and manage asset valuations used by sales, pricing and credit personnel, and others.

Access real-time asset valuation information when quoting, or when processing midterm changes, buy-outs, credit memos and portfolio risk reviews.

Asset Management Solution is the central data repository for asset managers and provides insights to all asset types, like warehouse equipment, leading to more accurate setting of residuals.
Asset managers use Asset Management Solution to analyze portfolio exposure by asset type, including warehouse equipment, driving a much more efficient asset impairment process.

Handle Dispositions

Prepare multiple endoflease scenarios – renew, purchase or return – by utilizing powerful workflow, tracking and datarecording tools.

Track midterm and endofterm disposition information for assets – whether returned, purchased, renewed, or renegotiated.

Remarket Assets

Order and access completed inspection reports, track returned assets, and assign assets for resale.

Utilize builtin remarketing and reselling features and calculate net profitability in a streamlined, unified system.

The workflow controls and delegated authorities in Asset Management Solution drive better overall risk management and enables better control over all asset management operations.
Asset managers avoid costly mistakes because Asset management Solution enables them to assemble and analyse data in a controlled and efficient manner.

Analyze Portfolio Performance

Build executivelevel analyses detailing residual exposure and performance across an entire portfolio with the click of a button.

Easily segment across make, model, customer, geography, disposition code or in any other way.

“The Asset Management Solution provides asset managers with an efficient workflow across all aspects of asset management. Thanks to AMS, asset managers are able to track business requests in real time, improve turnaround time, and produce detailed reports on demand. AMS also provides business security by incorporating internal controls to approval authority.”

- Mark Goldman, Vice President Equipment Finance Group, Truist Bank

Asset Management Solution Features

ComparablesUtilize valuation data history to support residual assumptions
DocumentationGenerate offer letters, endofterm purchase orders and renewals
MatricesStructure and define risk management criteria for sales
NotificationsSend automated emails to task holders as workflow
ReportingVisualize residueal exposure and upside by segmenting your portfolio however you like
Salesforce ConnectorInitiate a valuation request in Salesforce and process in AMS
Schedule of AuthorityConstruct approval levels for valuations based on transation size
Task ManagementTrack all activity and enables managers to assign tasks
User PermissionsDetermine which user groups can enter, change or review data
WorkflowConfigure workflows that scale as your business grows