Leverage Our Decades of Equipment Lease Pricing Experience


Make Sense of Yields

Understand the yields considered best for your unique situation and know when to use each one.


Adopt or Refine Tax-Based Pricing

Develop an after-tax pricing approach to maximize your financial returns.


Create a Corporate Tax Allocation Model

Learn how to value and allocate tax benefits by working with us to design a methodology that fits your corporate tax position.

Price With Confidence

Rely on us to help you develop pricing best practices specifically tailored to your business, including modeling and pricing leases and loans for maximum profitability, all while factoring in risk levels and tolerance.

SuperTRUMP is used to model and price equipment leases and loans across all asset classes, including medical equipment.
Templates with predefined parameters for a specific asset class, like medical equipment, can be created in SuperTRUMP.

Understand How Accounting and Taxes Impact Pricing

Learn how the new FASB Topic 842 accounting rules and recent tax regulations impact your modeling and pricing practices.

Facilitate Internal Pricing Methodology Discussions

Often lease pricing is based on economics, but financial statements are prepared using GAAP. Ask us to determine if your pricing methodologies are aligned with your financial statement presentation and, if not, how they can be aligned.

SuperTRUMP determines the tax and accounting classification of transactions based on IRS and FASB tests, with either default or custom treatment.
SuperTRUMP feeds data into your origination or CRM document generation tool for a best of breed solution.

Maximize Your Investment in SuperTRUMP

Let us show you the ins and outs of how SuperTRUMP enables more comprehensive and profitable pricing.

“Ivory Consulting's comprehensive understanding of every aspect of lease modeling and pricing proved to be of significant value to us. Their broad view of the capital equipment leasing market informed insights and recommendations for alternative measures of assessing economic and financial returns. In a short period of time, they instilled an understanding of how industry-wide accepted methodologies compare to those employed by Trinity.”

- Thomas Jardine, Vice President, TrinityRail Leasing & Management Services