Create a Custom Version of SuperTRUMP by Adding Your Unique Pricing Methodologies, Yields, Risk Assessments and Reports


Configurable Interface

Modify SuperTRUMP windows to work with your processes and the specific needs of your users to facilitate data entry and provide output in your format.


Eliminate Spreadsheets

Migrate home-grown pricing spreadsheet calculations and lookups into SuperTRUMP, giving you the ability to model and price without the fear of errors inherent in using spreadsheets.


Analyze Data From Multiple Sources

Import data from sources such as Excel and create custom lookup tables, such as loss given default, money cost or yield index tables.

Model and Price Exactly How You Wish

Utilize your unique pricing practices – calculations, algorithms, yields and subsidiary programs – to model and price the most profitable leases and loans while factoring in risk levels and tolerance.

SuperTRUMP is used to model and price equipment leases and loans across all asset classes, including oilfield rigs.
Templates with predefined parameters for a specific asset class, like mining equipment, can be created in SuperTRUMP.

Realize Greater Profits

Leverage your proprietary yield calculations, unique reporting style and organization-specific interface modifications to profit from powerful, accurate analysis.

Deliver a Higher Level of Customer Service

Tailor customer-specific financing solutions to drive an unmatched customer experience.

SuperTRUMP determines the tax and accounting classification of transactions based on IRS and FASB tests, with either default or custom treatment.
SuperTRUMP can populate a corporate data warehouse by asset type for advanced reporting and analytics.

Become More Efficient

Streamline operational processes and facilitate IT management by customizing SuperTRUMP to integrate with your other software applications and lookup data feeds and tables.

“After a decade of using SuperTRUMP as our lead lease pricing software, it is hard to imagine life before. SuperTRUMP offers our sales team a quality lease pricing tool that is robust, flexible, and has been designed to anticipate various pricing options.”

- Flavia Namusoke, Vice President, Fifth Third Bank

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Money Center, Regional, and Community Banks

Leading global and local banks need sophisticated, centrally-controlled modeling and pricing equipment finance solutions tailored to the banking environment, including capabilities for parent company policies and regulations.

For over 35 years, Ivory Consulting has helped banks develop effective equipment lease and loan modeling and pricing practices to create the most profitable transactions possible.

We specialize in incorporating tax effects and risk associations into your transactions, including how they should be valued.

Independent Equipment Finance Companies

Many independent equipment finance companies incorporate vendor programs as a major component of their sales and marketing strategies. Maintaining and developing those vendor relationships is an important element in achieving year-over-year sustainable growth.

Ivory Consulting has helped top Monitor 100 independent equipment finance companies develop vendor program best practices by streamlining business processes and bringing consistent pricing and performance metrics across the organization.

Captive Financial Institutions

Top captive financial institutions use automated, up-to-date inventory systems and global taxation databases to maintain a competitive advantage. All of this information can be input into SuperTRUMP for accurate pricing, allowing a parent company to sell to its subsidiary and in some cases, deferring gains and realizing a targeted profit margin.

Additionally, having manufacturing incentives in place allows the parent and the subsidiary to share the benefit of their cooperative efforts, which results in a successful deal to the lessee. Using SuperTRUMP to process an incentive pricing program gives your organization the tools to maximize its subsidy yield and place competitive marketplace bids.

Ivory Consulting works with leading captive finance companies to create sophisticated, centrally-controlled modeling and pricing solutions tailored to your captive environment, including capabilities for parent company incentives and subsidies that generate the most profitable transactions possible on an after-tax basis.

Ivory Consulting works with international lessors and lenders across Europe, Asia, North America and Australia to implement sophisticated, centrally-controlled equipment lease and loan modeling and pricing solutions tailored to local environments, including up-to-date global tax regulations, accounting rules and Basel requirements (1).

SuperTRUMP is designed to model and price complex leases and loans for international banks, captives and independent financial institutions – whether based in the U.S. and operating through foreign subsidiaries or headquartered outside of the U.S.

U.S. Headquartered Equipment Lessors & Lenders Operating Globally Through Foreign Subsidiaries

For more than 35 years, Ivory Consulting has worked with American equipment lessors and lenders to implement pricing best practices for use in their foreign subsidiaries, ensuring international tax and regulatory compliance (1) while at the same time maintaining compliance with U.S. standards.

Consolidating foreign-originated transactions headquartered in the U.S. is easy with SuperTRUMP. Using pre-determined templates, foreign subsidiaries are able to structure equipment leases and loans compliant with both local and home office standards.

In most cases, foreign subsidiaries pricing deals locally must follow Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) standards, which are not recognized in all countries. SuperTRUMP enables a foreign subsidiary to price a deal internationally and then conform it to GAAP.

Equipment Lessors & Lenders Headquartered Outside of the U.S.

For equipment finance companies based outside of the United States, whether they do business in the U.S. or not, SuperTRUMP is compliant with many local tax laws and regulations.

Currently, equipment lessors and lenders based in countries other than the U.S. use SuperTRUMP configured for one or more local environments to model and price equipment leases and loans. SuperTRUMP includes over 40 depreciation methods and all applicable Basel I, II & III requirements (1).

SuperTRUMP can be configured to work in most international environments and its flexibility allows it to easily integrate with the lease and loan accounting systems used globally, maximizing internal efficiencies and streamlining workflow processes.

International Regulations

Regulatory Capital – Basel I, Basel II & Basel III Requirements

European equipment lessors must be compliant with Basel I, Basel II, and Basel III Regulatory Capital requirements.

SuperTRUMP’s regulatory capital calculations are maintained with up-to-date standards ensuring that all pricing calculations are compliant with all applicable Basel requirements.

Canadian Taxation

SuperTRUMP is compliant with Canadian depreciation and provincial tax laws. The software calculates equipment lease pricing using Canadian prescribed leases, then creates reports that calculate GST, PST, HST, and QST on equipment finance loans.

Global Depreciation

SuperTRUMP includes over 40 depreciation methods used in more than 25 countries. Any depreciation method used in any country can be added – free of charge.

(1) Ivory Consulting Corporation does not offer tax advice. Please consult your tax professional for tax advice and counsel.

SuperTRUMP Features

.Web & SalesforceBasicStandardPremium
All Book and Tax Depreciation Methods
All Industry Standard Reports
FAS 13 & ASC 842 Accounting Standards
FASB Classification Tests
IRS Classification Tests
Lease Terms Greater Than 10 Years
Multiple Fee Amortization
Multiple Options on Termination/EBO
Pre-Tax/After-Tax Modeling and Pricing
Residual Guarantee Modeling Including TRAC or Split TRAC
Residual Value Insurance
Tax Modeling Options: AMT, Passive Loss and Tax Delays
Termination and Stipulated Loss Values
Collateral Curve Modeling
Lease vs. Purchase
Buy Analysis for Leases
Residual Upside
Risk Adjusted Return on Capital/Basel II/III
Section 467 Rent Structures (Prepaid/Deferred Balance)
Automated Rate Card Production
Leveraged Lease Optimization and Accounting
Linear Optimization
Loan Fractional Syndication