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Learn the ins and outs of pricing, including IRR, MISF and ROE calculations.


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Structure your transactions to win business and improve your earnings.


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Master the proven solution for equipment lease and loan modeling and pricing software.

SuperTRUMP Certification Course

The SuperTRUMP Certification course – now based on the ASC 842, Leases accounting standard – uses a collaborative, case-study approach.

SuperTRUMP is used to model and price equipment leases and loans across all asset classes, including computer and IT equipment.
Rate Cards for a specific asset class, like computer and IT equipment, can be created in SuperTRUMP.

Customized On-Site SuperTRUMP Course

Customize a SuperTRUMP course for your organization at a location of your choosing. The courses are built upon you selecting from our many case studies which are most relevant to your organization.

Courses are available for SuperTRUMP for Salesforce, SuperTRUMP Desktop and SuperTRUMP Web.

SuperTRUMP Online Training

Whether you are an experienced user of SuperTRUMP or new to pricing, our online courses will teach you SuperTRUMP’s capabilities, from the complex to the handy shortcuts, using up to 22 case studies.

To view our online training material, log in to our website and select SuperTRUMP Online Training from the Training dropdown menu.

SuperTRUMP determines the tax and accounting classification of transactions based on IRS and FASB tests, with either default or custom treatment.

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Courses are offered on the East Coast in the spring and West Coast or Chicago in the fall. Day one is a review of leasing fundamentals. Days two and three are hands-on exercises using pricing case studies.

Next Certification Course to be announced.

Fundamentals of Equipment Lease & Loan Pricing for the Pricing Professional (1 day)

This class is for new SuperTRUMP users who want to acquire a finance background before learning SuperTRUMP or existing users who are not familiar with all the measurement / industry metrics and terms used in SuperTRUMP.

For example, you will be taught the lease and loan calculations for IRR, MISF, ROE and “spread over.” Many critical aspects of the ASC 842 lease classification test and the “True Tax” lease test are covered. Prerequisite: none. CPE Credits: 8.

Advancing Your Understanding of SuperTRUMP Through Case Studies (2 days)

Students complete 22 case studies with the guidance of an instructor. This course is designed to introduce SuperTRUMP to a new user as well as make the experienced user much more efficient and competent.

Prerequisite: completion of Fundamentals of Equipment Lease & Loan Pricing for the Pricing Professional, or a basic knowledge of equipment lease finance. CPE Credits: 16.

Class Information

The latest version of SuperTRUMP, its templates and training manual are provided. Please bring a laptop computer for “Advancing Your Understanding of SuperTRUMP Through Case Studies.” There is no advance preparation needed for either class.


For registration and information including dates and locations, please or call (925) 926-1100 ext. 100 or email


All cancellations will be honored with a full refund, less a $50 enrollment fee, by calling 925-926-1100 ext. 100.

For CPAs, the SuperTRUMP Certification Course taught in our classroom is eligible for up to 24 continuing professional education (CPE) credits.

Ivory Consulting Corporation is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. State boards of accountancy have the final authority on the acceptance of individual courses for CPE credit. Questions regarding registered sponsors may be submitted to the National Registry of CPE Sponsors through its website.

Lessor Mode, Basic Tax Lease: Using a tax lease template, learn how to fill in the SuperTRUMP Quick Screen and target for: MISF, IRR, Spread over Index or ROE (either pre-tax or after-tax).

Lender Mode, Loans: Using a loan template, learn how to fill in the SuperTRUMP Quick Screen and target for: MISF, IRR, Spread over Index or ROE (either pre-tax or after-tax).

Conditional Sales Contract, Template Files, & Quotes: Using a lease template, learn how to price/target a conditional sale, create a reusable template and work with quotes.

Fees, Simple & Multiple: Learn how to work with multiple fees and income items in pricing as well as target for a residual value.

Basic Asset Details & Delayed Funding: Learn how to work with the Asset window and change some of the basic parameters (MACRS, AMT), and see the effect of delayed funding.

Simple Structures: Learn the effects of different payment structures such as low-high, two payments in advance, and date conventions regarding 30/31.

Basic Rent Windows: Learn how to price unusual payment structures such as skips, one time contract payments, and residual realization timing.

Interims, Loans & Leases: Learn how to work with loan and lease interims and understand the effect on pricing.

Security Deposit: Price and lease with a security deposit and understand the effect on yield and termination values.

TRAC & Split TRAC Leases: Learn how to price a TRAC and Split TRAC lease and understand the effects on lease classification.

Simple Subsidy: Learn how to price with vendor and captive subsidies both to win the business and enhance lessor yield.

Multi-Asset: Learn to enter more than one asset, each with different residual, delivery and funding dates, and different depreciation, all tied to a single lease.

Termination Values: Learn to produce a termination table to either protect or enhance your economic yield.

Muni/Tax Exempt Leases: Learn to price a Muni/ Tax-Exempt lease and explore the settings necessary for the calculation.

Lease Syndication: Learn to determine the price to pay, as of a funding date, for an existing tax lease to earn a desired yield and the simplicity of the chop feature.

Asset Level Structuring & Termination: Learn to use the Asset Summary window to individually structure each piece of equipment in a single lease.

Direct Finance Lease Treatment: Price a tax lease that would normally be an Operating Lease; and secure sufficient residual guarantees from either a third party or an insurance company to classify the lease as Direct Finance Lease for the lessor.

Leveraged Leasing & Back-Leveraging: Learn the effect that leverage has on leases, whether it is a leveraged lease or uses back leverage.

ITC & Excel to SuperTRUMP: Learn how to determine the MISF yield from green energy credits and integrate Excel numbers.

Like-Kind-Exchange (LKE): Learn how to price the value of using the IRS Like-Kind-Exchange benefit in a new lease.

Economic vs. Book - Tax Yield & ROE: Learn why your transactions may not be earning the rate you targeted when you priced to a Tax Yield or ROE. Understand how to model both an economic and book pre-tax yield with tax benefits as well as an economic and book ROE.

Lease vs. Purchase Analysis: Learn how to determine if it is better to lease or purchase an asset from the perspective of the one using the asset. Providing this analysis to your customer puts you in a valuable consultant role.